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The world of Greyhawk has evolved leaps and bounds over the past century. While elves & other long-lived races have had centuries to play and master the arcane & divine arts it seems the humans are the ones who started “The Great Revolution”. Ofcourse, it didn’t take long for the other races to follow suit, at times the races have worked together for magical or technological advances. At other times they were competing in an arms race, a little “Cold War” if you will. A few wars did break out here and there and those wars aided greatly in the expansion of these benefits. For if Necessity is the Mother of innovation, WAR is it’s father, a great big Drill Sergeant father with one boot in its’ ass & another on its’ throat. Most of these new innovations or inventions are not overly common-you are not too likely to bump into many Warforged outside of major cities, and some isolated places may have never even heard of them, let alone seen one! There are probably some items/advances whose secrets remain tightly guarded by one faction, race or kingdom.

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